Control System of Powertrain (and all its components) for Serial Hybrid All-terrain 8×8 Vehicle

R&D Company “Vector” designed a control system for serial hybrid powertrain for all-terrain 8×8 vehicle.


In this work the controllers EC 17.3 were used for all power converters: drives, generator, supercapacitor. And EC 19.2 was used as a higher-level controller.

The ABS, traction control, cruise control systems were implemented and tested, including optimization of ICE operation mode and kinetic energy reuse system.

For traction drives the field-oriented control system was implemented. The supercapacitor is used not only for kinetic energy reuse but also for “silent mode” and start-up of ICE.

The electrical machines were designed in the research group of Dr. A. Rusakov.

More detailed information is available in the paper “Electric transmission based on the switched reluctance motor with independent excitation” in Russian Electrical Engineering, February 2014, Volume 85, Issue 2, pp 115–120.