About us

Main activity of our Company is research and design in a field of control systems for power contverters and electric drives. We control any type of the electrical machines. We can offer you existing control systems (embedded controllers and software) or to make the research according to your requirements and specifications. The core of our company is graduated from Moscow Power Engineering Institute and its Department of Electric Drives. We have 8 PhDs and 2 Doctors of Technical Sciences employed in our Company and doing research for you.

Main research activities:

  • Production of the embedded controllers for power electronic converters;
  • Research and design of the digital control systems according to customer’s specification;
  • Supplimentary software for embedded control systems;
  • Research in a field of variable speed electric drives, its performance and efficiency;
  • Powertrain control systems;
  • Automation of the processes by means of the embedded controller software.