vectorIDE“Vector IDE” is an integrated software development environment for embedded systems. The environment is configured for the K1921BK01T (NT32M4F1) microcontroller by NIIET OJSC, however, if you wish, you can develop and debug projects for other controllers based on the ARM core.

“Vector IDE” is based on the free “Eclipse” IDE (version “Luna”) and includes everything you need to create and debug projects:

  • convenient code editor with syntax highlighting and “content-assist” system;
  • a set of software packages (toolchain) “Sourcery CodeBench Lite” v24.05.28 for compiling and generating code from source texts;
  • built-in “GNU ARM Eclipse” plugin for easy customization of the package of compilation cross-tools;
  • “OpenOCD” v0.8.0 software debugger, which allows you to load software to the controller and debug it. The ability to work with the K1921BK01T microcontroller is addded to the debugger;
  • sample projects and configuration files for quick start with K1921BK01T microcontroller directly “out of the box”. The examples are primarily focused on the debug card VectorCARD K1921BK01, and the configuration files are focused on the J-link (or compatible) or on ST-Link V2 JTAG-emulator (used JTAG is selected during installation).

IDE user manual PDF

Distribution kit of “Vector IDE” environment, version 1.06 for Windows x64  DOWNLOAD

You can also discuss the product and ask questions on our forum or on the NIIET forum.

The environment is free without any restrictions.

About debugging software for complex control systems you can read the article Debug methods for embedded microprocessor systems in power converters, where additional tools are considered.

Some screenshots:


There is a small video with comments on the installation process and the first launch of the environment from one of our employees below (the video is a bit outdated regarding the information about the version of OpenOCD used and JTAG supported):