MK 19.2
MK 19.2


The MK19.2 controller is intended for use as an embedded, high-performance system for direct digital control of various types of motors, frequency converters and secondary stabilized and autonomous power supply systems. The controller is focused on sensorless motor control systems.

Key specifications

RAM 34 Kword
Microcontroller type TMS320F28335
Clock frequency, MHz 150
Processing speed, million instruction per second 150+150FPU
Reprogrammable flash memory 256 Kword
External program memory No
External data memory No
Non-volatile parameter memory 4/8/16 Kword(standard – 4 Kword)
Real time clock Yes
Protection of firmware with security codes Yes
Controller expansion boards Yes (MK17.E, MAB19.1)
PWM outputs type open collector, 20mA

Number of main PWM outputs


Number of additional PWM outputs


Number of hardware fault inputs


Number of ADC channels


ADC channels format

6, format +/-5V

5, format 0-5V

4, format 0-20mA

ADC bit depth and conversion time

12 bit, up to 80 ns per channel

Integrated indication


Interface RS-232

Yes, galvanic isolation

Interface RS-485

Yes, galvanic isolation

Interface CAN

2, galvanic isolation for each

Input/output extension interface


Number of differential inputs of position sensors


Number of potential inputs of position sensors


DAC / Number of channels


Built-in digital inputs

3/5 (2 inputs/outputs are configurable)

Built-in digital outputs

2/4  (2 inputs/outputs are configurable)


Price and delivery time depends on the volume and stock.


More information can be found in the user manual.