UniCONThe control interface (hereinafter referred to as RTCON) is a set of software tools that allow monitoring and parametrization of CANopen compatible devices using personal computer (PC) connected through a physical CAN interface via an USB-CAN adapter.


RTCON, COODEdit, ScopeOpenGL software and the CANopen driver work together and provide a complete solution for setting up and debugging low-level microcontroller-based control systems. It is recommended to read the introductory review article on these products – “Debug methods for embedded microprocessor systems in power converters” and also visit their general page.

RTCON provides the following features:

  • Connecting to any CANopen-compatible device on the network. The maximum number of devices on the network is 127.
  • Display an object dictionary of a device in a tree structure.
  • Browsing and editing variables of the device object dictionary in real time.
  • Viewing user-defined variables (Monitor) and the ability to display them in graphical form (Oscilloscope). Saving the oscilloscope data to the PC hard disk in various formats. The ability to load the information stored on a PC hard disk into an oscilloscope for browsing and analysis.
  • Sending user-defined control signals – start, stop, speed change, etc. using the control panel.
  • Browsing device fault list. Operating with the device fault list – resetting, saving information to PC hard disk.
  • Viewing and setting up the real-time clock of the device.
  • Updatung device firmware.


RTCON interface examples:

Окно редактирования параметров устройства Окно обновления ПО устройстваUniCON_osc

The user manual is available for reading at the link and contains a description of the interface and functions of the application.