Product purpose

The MK10.7s controller is intended for use as an embedded, high-performance system for direct digital control of various types of motors, frequency converters and secondary stabilized and autonomous power supply systems. Products with controllers can be combined into a distributed system of automatic control of technological equipment by a local industrial network based on a galvanically isolated CAN interface. The controller provides a functional replacement for the MK10.6 controller.

Distinctive features:

  • better price/performance ratio;
  • it is the next generation of simple embedded controllers, being an improved analogue of the MK10.6 controller;
  • increased number of PWM outputs;
  • universal connector with digital inputs/outputs;
  • increased volume of non-volatile memory for parameters;
  • the ability to connect additional expansion boards.

Key specifications

Parameter name Value
Microcontroller type TMS320F28035
Clock frequency, MHz 60
One operation processing time, ns 16,67
Built-in program memory 64 Kword
Built-in data memory 10 Kword
Protection of firmware with security codes Yes
External hardware
External non-volatile parameter memory with I2C interface 16 Kword, type 24LC256
External real time clock with I2C interface Yes, type DS1340C
Power inverter interface
PWM outputs type open collector
Number of main PWM outputs 6
Number of additional PWM outputs 5
Hardware fault inputs 4
Analog inputs
Number of channels in format ±3.3V, pcs. 4
Number of channels in format 0 – 6.6 V, pcs. 6
ADC bit depth, bit 12 
Conversion time per one channel, ns 500
Integrated indication
Indication of input power, LED color “Green”
Indication of digital circuits power, LED color “Green”
Indication of “Fault” condition “Red”
Indication of “Run/Stop” mode “Yellow”
CAN interface
Galvanic isolation, voltage, V yes, 500V
Maximum voltage on CAN bus, V ±80
Maximum baudrate, Mbaud/s 1
SPI interface
Maximum bitrate, Mbit/s
Number of adressed devices, pcs. 1
Output format TTL
Discrete outputs with galvanic isolation 2
Discrete inputs in “dry contact” format / Incremental encoder signal inputs in TTL format 3
Discrete outputs in “open collector” format 3
Discrete input in TTL format 1
Power supply
Digital circuits power supply, V 5±0.5
Digital circuits maximum current consumption, A 0,3
Analog input conversion circuits power supply, V ±15
Analog input conversion circuits maximum current consumption, A 0,03
Power supply circuits protection polarity reversal, power failure, short circuit
Price Price and delivery time depends on the volume and stock.


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