Specialized сontroller MK 10.7


Product purpose

The MK10.7 controller is intended for use as an embedded, high-performance system for direct digital control of frequency converters, secondary stabilized and autonomous power supply systems. The controller is developed using a dual-core microcontroller that combines the functionality of the DSP core and the versatility of ARM. The controller is optimized to reduce wired connections and provides a direct interface with the inverter switch drivers. The controller is oriented to work in CAN networks.

Key specifications

Parameter name Value
Microcontroller type F28M35H52C1 (dual-core, ARM Cortex-M3 + C28)
Clock frequency, MHz C28 – 150, ARM – 75
Processing speed, million instruction per second C28 – 150, ARM – 75
Built-in program memory C28 – 256 Kword, ARM – 512 Kbyte
Built-in data memory C28 – 10 Kword, ARM – 16 Kbyte
Real time clock Yes
Protection of firmware with security codes Yes
Integrated indication LED
Controller expansion boards MK10.7G (GSM – modem)
External hardware
External program memory No
External data memory No
Non-volatile parameter memory 32 Kbyte
Power inverter interface
PWM outputs type TTL 0 / 15 V
Number of main PWM outputs 18 (9 complementary)
Number of additional PWM outputs No
Number of hardware fault inputs 9
Analog inputs
Number of ADC channels 15
ADC bit depth and conversion time 12 bit, 2.88 million conversions per second
Interface RS-232 yes, without galvanic isolation
Interface RS-485 No
Interface CAN 2 interfaces, galvanic isolation
Input/Output extension interfaces SPI (TX, RX, CLK, CS) / UART
Position sensor interface
Number of differential inputs of position sensors No
Number of potential inputs of position sensors No
Discrete inputs
DAC / Number of channels No
Built-in digital inputs 4(2 with galvanic isolation)
Built-in digital outputs 6 (open collector)
Price Price and delivery time depends on the volume and stock


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