Рабочее пространство ScopeOpenGL

ScopeOpenGL is an application for recording, visualization and analysis of the processes in a complex control object, including from one to several tens microprocessor devices.


RTCON, COODEdit, ScopeOpenGL software and the CANopen driver work together and provide a complete solution for setting up and debugging low-level microcontroller-based control systems. It is recommended to read the introductory review article on these products – “Debug methods for embedded microprocessor systems in power converters”.


ScopeOpenGL provides the following features:

  • Display up to several hundred variables of the control object on one screen in a user-friendly form.
  • The number of displayed axes and parameters on them, the grouping of parameters, their visibility and display format (color, scale, offset) can be adjusted to an object of any complexity due to a flexible system of profiles.
  • Ability of application to operate in online and offline modes:
    • In online mode ScopeOpenGL connects to UniCON via TCP/IP and renders the control object processes on the basis of CAN network traffic in real time.
    • In offline mode ScopeOpenGL renders the control object processes on the basis of network traffic data previously recorded by the user into “log files”.


Format of unpacking network exchange data, format of log files and the content of the display profile is adjusted by the manufacturer to the needs of the customer. Thus, it is possible to render almost any data, the format of which the customer will provide to the manufacturer.