Product purpose

The MK 17.3 controller is intended for use as an embedded, high-performance system for direct digital control of various types of motors, frequency converters and secondary stabilized and autonomous power supply systems. Together with the controller, additional discrete input/output boards MDVV 17.1 and boards for interfacing with the position sensors using the SSI interface MIDP 17.1 can be supplied. 


This controller exists in various versions, slightly differing in connectors and input format.

More information can be found in the user manual.

Key specifications

Parameter name

Rated value

Digital circuits power supply, V DC, +5V ± 10%
Analog input conversion circuits power supply, V DC, ±15 ± 10%
Maximum current consumption, A  
     – digital circuits 0,45 A
    – analog input conversion circuits 0,07 A
Microcontroller type TMS320F2810
Clock frequency, MHz 150
Built-in flash memory, Kword 64
Built-in RAM, Kword 18
Analog inputs
ADC bit depth, bit 12
One conversion time, ns 80 at ADC clock frequency of 25 MHz
Format of inputs  
     -format 0-5 V, pcs. 10
     -format ±5V, pcs. 6
Analog input signal conversion accuracy ± 2%
Low-pass filter frequency, kHz 20 ± 5%
Power converter control outputs
Quantity 16
Open collector output load, max, mA 20
Hardware fault inputs
Quantity 10
Open collector input load, max, mA -5
Low-pass filter frequency, kHz 10± 5%
CAN communication interface
Maximum baudrate, Mbaud/s 1
Galvanic isolation, V 1000
RS-485 communication interfaces
Number of interfaces 2
Maximum baudrate, Mbaud/s 5
Galvanic isolation, V 1000
Weight, grams 80 ± 5


User manual PDF