A new book “Control systems for electric drives” by A.S. Anuchin has been published

AnuchinMPEI Publishing House has released a new textbook by Aleksey Sergeevich Anuchin, “Control systems for electric drives”, which has received the “UMO” stamp.

Principles of operation of electromechanical energy converters and electronic converters are briefly described; their models are obtained, which are necessary for constructing control systems. The issue of building modern digital control systems with a complete list of all the necessary elements and operations in the chain of the digital control system is considered. The most common control systems for DC electric drives, permanent magnet synchronous machines and induction motors are presented. All the structures of control systems presented in the book are accompanied by detailed graphs of simulation experiments.

The book is for graduate students and specialists involved in the study and development of electric drive control systems.

You can order the textbook at MPEI publishing house www.idmei.ru, or you can read it in the electronic library.

You can view the contents and particular pages here.